October 10, 2012

The Collectors - Where Are They Now? #1

Reoccurring thoughts....
Over the past ten years I have often wondered "where are my paintings now?" I know who has bought them, but once a collector has purchased them I rarely get the opportunity to see them again, in person, living in the world outside my studio.
A little over a month ago I had the same thought again, but this time it nagged at me. Where do the paintings go? How do my collectors live with them?
I decided to do something about it and sent an email to my collectors asking if they would be interested in participating in an Artist/Collector collaboration, where we would produce a series of blog posts documenting how the paintings "live" and highlight this incredible group of people that believe in art, who see something special in the work I do, and who purchase my work, enabling me to keep at it and keep growing artistically.
Thankfully, many responded in the affirmative, sent me photos of the paintings, and wrote a short statement as to what drew them to their particular painting or to my work in general. 


The first in the series of blog posts is Aburrido from the Spanish 101 series I created in 2006 for a group show I was in at Gallery Neptune in Bethesda, MD.

Collectors Andrea Paipa and Ben Feldman

Collectors Statement
This is "Aburrido" from a series (Spanish 101) about children receiving gifts...we felt sorry not to have all of them; each one has a different personality, unique and strong. 

Greg's work is fascinating to us since each of his paintings tells a story and is like a movie itself. We look forward to seeing every one of his new productions since he always makes us travel to new scenarios, dramatic and witty.
Andrea Paipa and Ben Feldman 
This series came about during an explosion of creativity; I painted 12, 11"x16" paintings in 30 days (a record for me).

The paintings were inspired by the holiday theme of the show and a short stint I had as a substitute teacher for an elementary school Spanish class.

rough sketch and final drawing 

Spanish 101: Aburrido
11"x 16", acrylic on canvas
Prints of Aburrido are available here

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