September 15, 2008

Some Nice Words

Over the weekend I participated in the DC art festival Arts on Foot and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people including talented photograher and fellow OCCOA artist Tara Kocourek and journalist/blogger Christine Cordner.

Please visit Tara's blog and Christine's blog to see the nice things they had to say about my work!

Arts on Foot Wrap-Up

Arts on Foot... it was two days of heat, humidity and scattered rain, but I survived and had a good time in the end.

Friday started with me and my wife trying to figure out how to put together my new display walls and then was slow and hot for the rest of the day. I met a few people and was able to catch up with artist Todd Gardner (i'll be posing for one of the last 6 paintings he's doing for his portrait series).

Saturday was much better although hotter. I made good sales, met a lot of nice people, and was happy to see artists Scott Brooks and Tim Tate who stopped by to stay hello.

For those interested, I do have a number of original drawings for sale. The drawings were made to flesh out my ideas for the composition and shading of my paintings and are all framed and signed. If you are interested, fell free to contact me through my website and we can schedule a time to meet.

Despite the heat, Arts on Foot was a great success! And I couldn't have done it with out the incredible patience and help of my lovely and talented wife!!!