January 30, 2013

Paintings: Next 6 in the Solitaire series

These 6 paintings are part of a series (13 in total so far) I've been working on over the past year called Solitaire. Currently they are on view in the show, Small Stories, at the McLean Project for the Arts' Emerson Gallery through March 2.

The paintings are portraits of individuals with a circle in their chests. Each circle offers an intimate view into the silent internal dialog we each have; expressing fears, hopes, experiences, dreams, etc..... More to come.

Solitaire: Facades   available

Solitaire: Harmony   available

Solitaire: Skinny Dipping 1   available

Solitaire: Skinny Dipping 2   available

Solitaire: Bliss   available

Solitaire: Innocence   available

January 23, 2013

New Painting

I recently wrapped up work on my newest painting, "Honeymooning," which is currently on view at the McLean Project for the Arts until March 2. To see gallery hours and get directions to the MPA go here.

 rough sketch

acrylic on canvas, 18"x 24"

January 16, 2013

New Show Opening Jan.17 -March 2: Small Stories

McLean Project for the Arts
Small Storiesa new show that I am a part of at the McLean Project for the Arts  officially opens tomorrow, Jan.17, 2013, from 7-9pm.
The show, running from Jan. 17-March 2 in MPA's Emerson Gallery, is curated by Nancy Sausser and features the work of Nora Sturges, Matthew Mann, and myself. I will be showing 10  paintings (almost all are new).
All three "are painters whose work delves into the realm of the personal narrative. They have in common a crisp, careful, objective style and a penchant for working on a relatively small scale. Each of these artists make work that suggests a story, in an undefined, open-ended, multi-layered way. The works provide a window into the places, thought, interests, and impressions experienced by the artist. Each painting provides an opportunity to combine the artists’ perspective with that of the viewer, producing an imaginative collaboration of possibilities."

To find directions to the McLean Project for the Arts (in the same building as Alden Theater) please visit the MPA website here.