January 16, 2008

Argentina and The Rolling Thunder

ARGENTINA: Just got back from a wonderful 3 week trip to Argentina (Buenos Aires and Capilla del Monte, Cordoba) to visit my wife’s family and old friends for the holidays and, believe me, going from summer to winter in less than 24 hours has been a shock!.

After almost 2 years since we’d last visited, it was really great to be back in BA and to enjoy the rivers and scenery in Cordoba!
Every time I go back I’m reminded of how differently Argentines live their lives (as compared to here in the States). Argentines (in general) seem to work to live, while we (in general) seem to live to work. I don’t mean to idealize it (both Argentina and the US have their pros and cons) but it’s a good place to be.
What did we do while we were there????
we watched BA get ready for Xmas

we cooked a pig for the new year's eve dinner ......
had fun with sparklers (on new year's eve)

and saw some good art!
El Mudo by Argentine sculptor Juan Carlos Distefano

If you’ve never been, then go! You won’t regret it! Lots of asado, maté, argentine gelato, and (of course) futból!
THE ROLLING THUNDER (a children's book):
What am I working on?
In my Recap of 2007, I mentioned that I’d been commissioned to illustrate a children’s book about the Rolling Thunder. I spent most of December working on the layout and drawings for the book. Now that those have been approved, I’m on to the finished paintings and should be done by the end of January. For now, I thought let you see some of the drawings.