August 31, 2012

6th of 8 Theater J illustrations

In April, I was hired by Theater J to create 8 illustrations; one for each play in their 2012-2013, taking over for Waltz with Bashir art director and illustrator David Polonsky. Because of time issues, I was asked to create line drawings with some shading instead of paintings.

The sixth play of the season is Race by David Mamet

"The latest work by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Glengarry Glen Ross ruthlessly examines guilt, betrayal and racial posturing. Two male lawyers are called to defend a wealthy white client charged with the rape of a black woman, while their female associate betrays an agenda of her own."

Rough Sketch 1
the original art direction for this play was to do a tabloid
cover reminiscent of the Strauss-Kahn affair but was quickly shelved

Rough Sketch 2 and 3

Rough Sketch 4

Final Line Drawing

Final Illustration
(graphite and colored in Photoshop)

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