June 1, 2012

Artomatic 2012 and Meet the Artist Night

Artomatic is back and I'm participating in it!  

This year Aromatic is bigger than ever with over 1300 artists and 11 floors of art! I selected a space (2nd Floor, Space 174) on the 2nd floor in one of the larger open rooms and that's where I'll be for “Meet the Artist Night," this Saturday, June 2nd, between 7 and 10pm. I'll be ready to meet people, to talk about my work, and to answer any and all questions. Come on by and say hello!
Previously I had work in Artomatic 2004, 2007, and 2008, but missed Artomatic 2009 due to the opening of my solo show at Hillyer Art Space and to a trip to Argentina to introduce our first son to my wife’s family.

Artomatic has always been good to me. Strong sales, incredible exposure, and the opportunity to meet new people and see other artists' work  have me very excited to be in this year’s Artomatic and proud tp be showing work there.

Opening night definitely didn't disappoint! It was great to see friends, family, old faces and new. I particularly enjoyed seeing and hearing people’s reactions to my paintings. I love the interpretations people present me with, often giving me a brief insight into them. And I can actually learn from these interactions. Overhearing positive and more specifically negative comments (while not particularly great for the ego) helps me see what's working and what's not, sending me back to the studio ready to "step up the game."

There’s still almost a month left to visit Artomatic. I will be going back often to work on my volunteer shifts and to get a better look at all of the art I have yet to see!

I hope to see you there on Saturday!

For more information about Artomatic go to this link.

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