July 1, 2009

Argentina, Buenos Aires, La Boca, Benito Quinquela Martin and Cordoba

As I've already mentioned in an earlier post, my family and I recently got back from a 6 week trip to Argentina (Buenos Aires and Capilla del Monte, Cordoba) to introduce our newly born son to my wife’s family and old friends.

It was a great trip, really important for the family to meet little Luca at such a young age, but I have to say it was definitely tough to go from winter/spring here in the states back to fall/winter there. By the end we were more than ready to come back to summer!

What did we do while we were there?
we rented an apartment (for the first time) across from BA's morgue (not on purpose)
We took the subway (alot) to see art.......
In the neighborhood of La Boca. (If La Boca was turisty before, it's insane now!)
there we saw El Che and Evita...


and we went to the Museo de Benito Quinquela Martin (hugely popular argentine painter)

we had plenty of meat

saw more art at La MALBA.....



then we went to Cordoba and enjoyed the outdoors....
and of course we had more meat!
Like I've said before, if you haven't been to Argentina, go!!!

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Deborah said...

Hi, I'm planning to travel in Argentina so this post it's very usefull for my planification. Also, I wanted to ask you for some advices, suggestions or recomendatiosn for my trip, that would be great!
thanks for sharing :)