June 29, 2009

Cava Mezze Mural

By the time my show, La Vida Intensa at Hillyer Art Space, was in full swing, I got an email from an Interior designer doing work for a new Greek restaurant on Capitol Hill. Apparently she had picked up one of my postcards at my tent during last year’s Arts on Foot (another lesson in getting out there to be seen) and wanted me to paint a mural for the new place. The opportunity was too great to pass up even though we were busy packing for our trip to introduce our son to my wife’s family in Argentina, so I accepted.

It had been a while since I had painted a mural, so it was interesting to have to think again about what paint to use, how to get up there (scaffolding), and how to transfer my final drawing onto the wall. In the end everything went smoothly, I finished in one week; one day before we left for our trip and three days before the restaurant opened.

For those of you interested in checking out the mural and want to sample the really delicious food, head over to Cava Mezze on 8 st SE in Capitol Hill (just a couple of doors down from the new Matchbox).


Anonymous said...

I love his WORK !!
I first saw it in the Entertainment/WeekendPass section of the Washington Express newspaper. What a fantastic artist ! R. Warren

Gregory Ferrand said...

Thank you!