January 30, 2013

Paintings: Next 6 in the Solitaire series

These 6 paintings are part of a series (13 in total so far) I've been working on over the past year called Solitaire. Currently they are on view in the show, Small Stories, at the McLean Project for the Arts' Emerson Gallery through March 2.

The paintings are portraits of individuals with a circle in their chests. Each circle offers an intimate view into the silent internal dialog we each have; expressing fears, hopes, experiences, dreams, etc..... More to come.

Solitaire: Facades   available

Solitaire: Harmony   available

Solitaire: Skinny Dipping 1   available

Solitaire: Skinny Dipping 2   available

Solitaire: Bliss   available

Solitaire: Innocence   available

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