August 13, 2012

5th of 8 Theater J illustrations

In April, I was hired by Theater J to create 8 illustrations; one for each play in their 2012-2013, taking over for Waltz with Bashir art director and illustrator David Polonsky. Because of time issues, I was asked to create line drawings with some shading instead of paintings.

The fifth play of the season is Boged: An Enemy of the People by Boaz Gaon and Nir Erez based on the play by Henrik Ibsen

"A sudden chemical leak in an Israeli industrial park endangers the region’s water supply. The mayor is quick to cover up the scandal, but his brother fights to expose the truth. The family feud quickly turns into a political war with major environmental repercussions. Emerging from Israel’s social justice movement of the past year, this timely adaptation of Ibsen’s play is the brain child of the Israeli playwright and adapter of Ghassan Kanafani's Return to Haifa, produced by the Cameri Theatre so successfully at Theater J in 2011."

Rough Sketch
Tweaked Rough Sketch after art direction
Final Line Drawing
Final Illustration
(graphite and colored in Photoshop)

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