May 3, 2010

Process: The Painting That Took A Year

Once I start a painting I usually have no problem with it, the paint flows and it almost seems to finish itself. I finished "God Bless This House," the subject of this post, in January, and I was very very happy to be done. For some reason, it took me forever.... a year.

PROCESS - God Bless This House:

Process: Rough thumbnail sketches. I went with a version of the 2nd.
Process: This drawing was the final stage of planning.
Process: stopping point
When I got to this point in the painting, I painted over the figures and stopped for 5 months. I had never done this before, but something (I couldn't have told you what) was wrong with the painting.
Process: Whiteout
When I finally tried to tackle the painting again and save it, this is what I came up with.
And I ran with it.

Process: final


Marin Roots said...

I love this! Thanks for showing us your process - the final painting is alot more impactful! Astonishing.

Gregory Ferrand said...

Thank you Marin, I'm glad you enjoyed it!