August 27, 2008

American Airlines

Recently I finished an illustration that will be accompanying an editorial about a migrant worker working in a busy kitchen that will appear in the Oct/Nov issue of American Airlines' magazine Nexos. So if you're flying American Airlines this fall look in the back of the seat in front of you and check it out!

Rough Sketch -out of the 4 I sent, this was the one chosen. It was my top pick as well!

Revised sketched -then I was notified that the title had changed, and refered to the worker conducting the kitchen, so the knife became a baton and the food began flying around on a musical scale.

Final Illustration (acrylic on canvas, border done in Photoshop) - this is the first time I've produced an illustration with borders like this. Part of my directions from the beginning was to make the borders "organic." I have to say that I'm pretty happy with it.

1 comment:

EvaSalvetti said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! I love the borders and the colors!

Well done Gregory!