June 23, 2008

Highlights of My Artomatic Experience

So, Artomatic 2008 closed last week; I picked up my paintings and have taken the past week to take in what was the best Artomatic for me so far!
For those of you who were able to make it, I sincerely would like to thank you for taking the time to stop in front of my paintings to think about them. I know that Artomatic (especially this Artomatic) can be an overwhelming experience due to the huge amount of art to walk through and process, so I truly appreciate it. Feedback is invaluable to me as I try to connect with the viewer of my paintings!
Highlights of Artomatic 2008 were:
- Making it into the Weekend Section of the Washington Post here
- Being interviewed by the folks over at District Culturati here
- Being reviewed by journalist Christine Cordner here
- Being interviewed by Jolene Sugarbaker here
- Being selected for lists of Artomatic notables at:
- Lenny Campello at Daily Campello Art News, Art-Tistics, and the Old Town Crier
- Brightest Young Things
- Thinking About Art here and here
- District Culturati
- Adventures in Shaw
- The Daily Render
- About.com
- Halo in Reverse
- How Now, BrownPau?
- Pretty Little Fings
- And of course, meeting people interested in art and meeting even more local artists
For the curious, these were the paintings on display at Artomatic 2008

El Fin (sold)

Backward isn't Forward (sold)

Step Right Up! (sold)

That's Our Boy! (available)

Boy, I'll Make a Man of You Yet (sold)

Got 'im Ma (sold)

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