June 27, 2007


The past month has been a crazy marathon of painting to get ready for the big group show, Art in Heat. But as of two days ago, I finished the three paintings I have in the show and can now sit back and enjoy the summer from my balcony… for a few days! (more about that later)

As for the paintings (the beginning of my series on guns in America), I’m happy with them though a bit ambivalent about whether or not I think they are a complete success… but that’s always the feeling I’m left with when I am working under so much pressure to get things doneon time.

Below you can see a little of my work process. My paintings are really planned out from the beginning. Here you can see one of the paintings evolve from a rough sketch to the final thing. I planned on taking some photos of the painting in progress, but never got to it. Next time!

"Boy, I'll Make a Man of You Yet!" (before and after)

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